Looks Can Be Decieving

We are unaware of what is potentially causing our body to behave a certain way, such as a pimple rising or the swelling of a face. Too many people fail to read the ingredients on products before purchasing it. From the sodas you drink to the foods you eat can also play a role into how your skin reacts. This is not one of those websites that show you disgusting photos of what beauty products can do to your insides, this is strictly body appearance, product reviews and beauty tricks. Throughout this glam book, you will notice that every post is not a makeup tutorial, this is more of a behind-the-scenes, product reviewal. Along with the process of what to look for with certain skin types. You will get to see natural DIY ways to help your skin. Along with these tips, I will be showcasing scenarios of how I grow as a person. No matter how much makeup is used, problems will always arise.


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