“Thanks, It’s New” – ColourPop

Colourpop cosmetics has instantly become a favorite with their cheap prices for a great product. They recently came out with lip pencils that match the Lippie Stix they offer. I think this is absolutely great because pencils can better outline the lips to make it overall look full. It creates barrier around the lips without bleeding. They were designed to match perfectly so you wont have an issue blending. If you are like me, it doesnt matter if it matches as long as its close to color. The pencils are matte and truly glide on easily.

Since it is the beginning of September, I want to share some Fall colored lip colors to start your school year off with compliments.

Price : $5.00
Buy : ColourPop cosmetics

Leather Pencil

Nevermind Pencil

Taurus Pencil

Dalia Pencil

JujuRouge Pencil

Disclaimer: All photos are from colourpop.com!

XO Lex ♡


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