Let’s “Focus” On Ariana’s New Invention!

Ariana gone lipstick? I just so happened to check out the MAC Cosmetics website when Ariana Viva Glam lipstick was front page! Yes! One of your favorite singer has a product worth the buy. As repeated from MAC, each shade [2] can be worn alone or paired on top of one another.

As stated here, “Every cent of the selling price goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS”.
Way to grow a cause Ariana!

Viva Glam Ariana Lipstick
○ color : matte deep dark plum
○ $17.00

Viva Glam Ariana Lipglass
○ color : light shimmer pink
○ $15.00

Other than the fact that it goes to men/children who are affected by HIV/AIDS, there is not true reason to buy this lipstick and lipgloss. The colors are predictable since these are very similar to the shades she uses on a regular show basis. Unless you are a huge fan of hers, I don’t think these colors will matter much to you as they don’t to me.
Along with the packaging is her signed signature on a limited edition set. The pro discount is not included with this purchase as it should not since the proceeds go to a cause.


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