Get Up & Get Busy

Early Morning Fitness

Good morning lovies! Wake up and workout! This year I have decided on working out and stretching my body more. As I get older, certain parts of my body are getting bigger and working out is going to tone and keep it under control. The gym can be intimidating if you’re like me and don’t know much about the best machines. Here are some of the exercises I have completed today at home!

Warm Up :
○ 40 side hops
○ 50 jumping jacks

Workout :
○ 60 squat jumping jacks
○ 40 jumping squats
○ 20 lateral knee lift (each side)
○ 1 minute plank

My workouts are not as intense as others but it works for my desire body parts. I work my leg strength as well as firming/lifting my butt. If there are any questions as to how to do these, leave a comment below so I can better explain!


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