Too Many Eyes, One Face

I have fell deeply in love with what Too Faced cosmetics has to offer. If you have not tried a product from them, dedicate your next paycheck to their company. Since I am always looking at new products and arrivals, Too Faced has come out with a waterproof mascara with packaging that will blow your mind.

Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara


photo disclaimer location

Yes! I know what you’re thinking! It looks so real! It obviously is not and definitely grabs anyone’s attention. It is currently only available in Black but I don’t have an issue with that since like said before, I always choose the blackest black available. Too Faced Better Than Sex is known for giving that smokey messy lash look which is a thumbs up for me.
I’m not too fond of a waterproof mascara unless I’m going to an event with the result of tears coming out of my eyes — since that won’t be happening, I do not have the patience to have my lashes falling out when I remove my makeup.
But I mean this seems like it will have the same result but now you’ll know that your mascara is locked and loaded.

Price : $23.00
(same price and styled brush as regular one, the case is just better)

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