Perfect Palettes


Photo Disclaimer

I am literally a sucker for eye palettes. I actually take joy in shopping for different branded palettes for less. You don’t need to buy a Tarte or Nars eyeshadow just because you believe high end products are better. In most cases, they are not. Drugstore makeup palettes such as Makeup Revolution and Nyx cosmetics have such great pigmented shadows. It’s almost unbelieveable! Open your eyes to the lower brands and I promise you’ll be satisfied!

Bh cosmetics is also a cheap alternative for great pigments. If you don’t believe me and are interested in their products, go to immediately.


Photo Disclaimer

The palettes I mention can be found at Ulta Beauty. Let me know your thoughts below.

1. Makeup Revolution Unicorns Are Real Eye Shadow Palette


2. Nyx The Natural Eyeshadow Palette


3. Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 Eye Shadow Palette


4. Nyx Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette


5. Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette


6. L’oreal Color Riche La Palette Nude 1


Links to each photo are within the title of the palette. Thanks for reading. Comment which one you are interested in seeing an eye look from. ♡


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