Fabulous Weak Nails

​I recently took off my acrylic nails because I kind of just got over the look and definitely needed to let my real nails breathe. My nails have become so weak that I can literally bend every fingernail. I personally don’t like how my nails look unpainted so I was in need of a polish that was an amazing color but be a hardener for my nails. OPI and Essie are my favorite polishes of life but I don’t need a pretty color sitting on top of a weak nail. I decided to go to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store and I found happiness.

China Glaze Nail Lacquers with Hardeners $7.50 each

I currently have Diva Bride (below) on my nails. I don’t know why I’m into the light pinks now but this color is gorgeous.

I purchased 2 other colors:


Sweet Periwinkle

I didn’t choose the darker harsh colors because I don’t want anything to thick and harsh on my nails. Now that my nails are weak, they are easy to stain.So I just stuck to the pinks and lavendar/blue.

I applied the nail lacquer after I treated and appropiately buffed/cut my nails. If you want to see the products I used to treat them after acrylics, comment below.

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XO Lex ♡


6 thoughts on “Fabulous Weak Nails”

  1. ive had mine for a while and all i gotta say is that make sure u get ur nail refilled as soon as u notice growing so that i wont crease ur nail.


  2. Hi Lexie, thanks for stopping by and liking my page! I totally agree about acrylic making your natural nails weak. Definitely best to give them a break from time to time. Lovin’ the blue polish you picked out! 🙂

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