Maybelline Newbies In ULTA

I am a true lover of Maybelline products. Not only is it super inexpensive but it actually looks and feels amazing. I personally feel the price doesn’t reveal how stunning these products sit on the face. When I use their products, it’s like nothing is on my face, that’s how great it is. I’ve been browsing the Ulta website and I have noticed there are several items that have been added on behalf of the Maybelline family.

Super Stay Better Skin Powder in Coconut $10.99

Used to set and eliminate shine, and it does just that!

Lip Studio Color Joint Intense Lip Paint in Never Bare $9.99

Very intense and vibrant but I wish there was a better selection of colors rather than just pinks and purples. If you want me to show each one in another post let me know below.

Face Studio Contour & Highlight V Shape Duo Stick in Deep $9.99

It is creamy matte which are two words that I love when buying makeup. Since it comes to a point, it is easy to manuver to create straight lines. Available in light, medium and of course deep.

EyeStudio Master Precise Curvy Liquid Liner in Black $7.99

I am not a liner type of person but this has definitely pushed me into trying it. It has a comfortable grip and literally stays on all day. No smudging!

Lip Studio Shine Shot Lip Coat in Clear Vinyl $5.99

I was confused as to what this is but it just gives any lip color you have a vibrant shine to look as if it was a gloss. There is only one other option which is Prismatic (glittery white) that will give you the same effect with slight shimmer. I personally don’t think this is too much of a big deal because I’m sure if a person wanted a glossy finish, they’d just put on a gloss.

Eye Studio Brow Precise Micro Pencil in Deep Brown $7.99

Available in blonde, soft brown and auburn so there is a good variety of color options. I say this several times but I don’t fill my brows. I am thinking about using this just to give it a shot so we’ll see how that goes. I can most likely do a first impression if anyone is interested.

Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lip Color $7.49

Color: Sapphire Siren

I love a bright lip during the summer and maybelline is the reason for it. I will do a more in depth look at all the colors in the collection in a future post coming soon!

Disclaimer: All photos are from and some photos I edited using Photo Grid. My opinion was not influenced by sponsorships.

XO Lex 🌼


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