Sexy in Summer

There will be several times, probably more than you’ll hope for, when your friends are going to want to go out for a late dinner or your boyfriend wants to do something romantic. My style is more flaunt and flirty so for those who are a little more suttle, these may be a bit courageous. As a young lady, I have come to terms with my body and I am proud of it. I found GoJane while in search of another clothing store and I am so happy I did. Their clothes are definitely inspired by making women feel sexy and I love it. To shop around, click here.

Cross The Line Caged Back MiniDress $36

Curvaceous Catch MidiDress $32.50

See and Be Seen Dress $29.80

CrissCross Strappy Split Midi Dress $29

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XO Lex 🌼


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