Fashion Nova’s School Attire

Fashion Nova is an instagram clothing sensation. They cater to those who are a little thicker in the thighs which I love. It’s always been hard for me to find jeans and bottoms my size so this is definitely a go to shop. Here are some back to school items I am looking forward to purchasing from them.

Glistening Medium Wash Jeans

Camel Steal Your Heart Jacket 

Distress Don’t Stress Overall

Olive Cadet Pants

Black Ace Bomber Jacket 

Light Perfect Jeans

It’s mostly geared towards the fall season since it gets pretty cool quickly here in Jersey. What do you like to wear for the fall season? Hows the weather in your state?


Copy Her Style: Guiliana Rancic

Hi ladies! I’m actually excited for this post because yesterday was one of my favorite people Guiliana Rancic’s birthday! If you do not know who she is, she is most known as the host on E!’s Fashion Police. If anyone knows more about fashion, its her! I probably haven’t done her outfit enough justice but below you can recreate her look at a fairly more affordable price!

If interested in her jeans: I am not sure if they are currently still the same price but it is available on!

Ankle Length Cardigan from H&M $24.99

V Neck Tee from Old Navy $7

Blake Boyfriend Jeans from Fashion Nova $29.99

Pointed Toe Pumps from Charlotte Russe $20


Copy Her Style: Keke Palmer

Hi lovies! Keke Palmer recently posted a photo on her instagram with her new short hair. But I wasn’t focused on her hair. Although it does give me Nia Long vibes, I was more focused on the outfit itself. If you guys didn’t know, I love old classic looks! I was so inspired I decided to find a mock of clothes that you can purchase yourself to achieve the same look.

Some of the items below are not the exact clothing in the photo, it is a mock. I tried to find the cheapest price for each item. 

Snapped Button Plaid Shirt from Forever 21 $19.90

Grey Spaghetti Strap Crop Top$6.99

Girlfriend High Rise Jeans from Urban Outfitters $49

Superstar Foundation Sneakers from Adidas $55

I enjoyed searching through different sites to find these. It actually introduced me to new sites! I’m actually planning on doing more of these! Also, be sure to follow me on pinterest: @alexus0!


Sexy in Summer

There will be several times, probably more than you’ll hope for, when your friends are going to want to go out for a late dinner or your boyfriend wants to do something romantic. My style is more flaunt and flirty so for those who are a little more suttle, these may be a bit courageous. As a young lady, I have come to terms with my body and I am proud of it. I found GoJane while in search of another clothing store and I am so happy I did. Their clothes are definitely inspired by making women feel sexy and I love it. To shop around, click here.

Cross The Line Caged Back MiniDress $36

Curvaceous Catch MidiDress $32.50

See and Be Seen Dress $29.80

CrissCross Strappy Split Midi Dress $29

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XO Lex 🌼


Charlotte Chic

Charlotte Russe is literally my favorite clothing store of life.They have unpredictable clothes that are at affordable prices.You will definitely see more style posts from Charlotte’s!

I wanted to show you guys 3 fun flirty summer dresses all priced at $20! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Floral Bib Neck Skater Dress

Embroidered and Crochet-Trim Dress

Floral Open Back Swing Dress

Thanks for reading. 

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All ideas paired together are my own. I am not taking credit for the actual designs.

Fitness, Style

Stay Fit & Cute??

Surprisingly, what motivates me most to workout and stay fit are the cute clothes you can wear while doing it! Only you can truly tell what is being lost and the fitness clothes don’t lie! Papaya clothing has been one of my top choices for buying suitable clothes to workout in. It is affordable and compliments my body.


$5.99 (currently sold out)


$10.99 (only 3 left)





Disclaimer : All photos are taken from the Papaya Clothing website. Check out their site for other deals that may interest you! There is free shipping on U.S. orders over $50.*


Look Flirty, Feel Sexy

I would say my style of dressing is very flirty and some may say taunting towards others. I have curves and thick legs so I kind of take advantage of how my body is. I in no way dress over revealing because I do have respect for anyone seeing anything they shouldn’t be able to. Summer can kind of be that excuse to wear those shorter than usual dresses and those higher than usual heels. It will soon be over and I want to share some dress ideas for your summer nights.

Blue Lace Up Mini Dress $13.99

Grey Front Shirring Cami Dress $24.99

Floral Crochet Mini Sundress $25.99

Disclaimer: Photos from Papaya Clothing website.

XO Lex ♡