Get Out Of My Face!

In the summer doing your hair becomes a dreadful thing. Since it is so hot, you may be used to constantly putting it up into a tight or messy bun. But what about those days where you actually do want to do your hair nice but it’s way too hot to keep it down? The wind is always strongest during the summer near the beach and it can be super annoying when all of your hair is in your face! I wanted to share some styles I found on pinterest to give a little spice to your looks yet keep it out of the eyes!

Instead of a low slick bun, add some braids in the mix. Simply split your hair into three parts and braid the front sides going backwards. Make a bun out of the back portion and cross the braids around creating a cinnabon effect.Perfect for the heat that will guaranteed endless compliments.

This is the one for that 2 to 3 days hair that you don’t feel like washing. Messy lown buns are the cutest style and looks like you actually tried knowing it took no effort at all.

Of course, we couldn’t forget about two cornrolls going to the back of the head. I literally have been wearing my hair like this to the pool, to the beach, to the park, everywhere. It is easy to make this messy or neat depending on your mood. It keeps all of the hair out of your face so you’ll feel less hot as well.

And for those who like their high ponytails lets make it sleek and tight! Adding a fishtail braid to it, gives it that spunk and edge.

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News Flash: Kris Joins The Family!

We all know Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits have been a huge success since it’s launch in December of 2015. She has created a victorious cosmetic line and continues to add new shades as we speak.

Previously, Kylie has named shades after her older sisters, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian followed by her grandmother Mary Jo. But what about Kris Jenner? Everyone knows that Kris Jenner usually always wants to be apart of something. And now Kylie has welcomed her to the lip kit family. (I hope she comes out with a shade for Kendall and Kim soon!) I personally think it’s unique that she has named certain colors after her family members. It definitely brings a different touch to makeup even though we all know OPI’s nail polish names top everything! Well, congrats Kris! You made it to the collection!

Along with the photo above, Kris Jenner posted on her twitter her enthusiasm for this surprise.

Her Tweet: My baby girl named her LipKit after me. I am so honored, I love you Ky! #Kristen I’m so obsessed.

She has two other shades coming out along with Kristen on Wednesday, July 20th!

Ginger • Maliboo • Kristen

I feel like Ginger and Kristen are gorgeous summer colors. Maliboo is another nude shade of course and I feel like her collection has had enough of the nude colors but that’s just personal preferences. I have YET to get my hands on any of the lip kits which is why I haven’t reviewed them yet but I do plan on clicking Ginger and Kristen in my cart on July 20th. 

This post is a little different from what I usually post but I like sharing some beauty/celebrity news with you guys.

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Pop Your Summer Lips

I love ColourPop’s liquid lipsticks! They are so creamy and true to color. They definitely have a variety of choices that you can use for summer but these are my favorites thus far from the ultra satin collection. Go to for further information.

Botanical (neon peachy coral) $6

Brooklyn (warm bright hot pink) $6


Magic Wand (light nude) $6

Molly (plum lilac)

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It’s A Kiko Celebration!

Happy 4th of July lovies!

The best part about today is that there are several sales going on online all day long! Literally your favorite cosmetic or clothing store is probably having some sort of discount happening.

I checked out Kiko Milano and there having a 30% off any full priced item and free shipping on $15! 

Here are items I dropped into my cart:

Unlimited Broad Spectrum Spf 15 Foundation in Neutral 130 

Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer in 201 Sienna Melange 

Color Click Lipstick in 06 Famous Cyclamen

High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in 05 Metallic Warm Rose

High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in 76 Pearly Silver

Disclaimer: All photos used are not mine. They are from the Kiko Milano website. Click the first link for further details.

Sunday’s Face

​Check out what’s on my face today. It is written in the exact order I applied onto my face.


Yes, I use two primers! No, my foundation doesn’t slide all over my face. I have very dry skin so it is important that my skin is highly protected underneath so that my foundation doesn’t settle in and create creases.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

I usually put this onto my cheeks and undereye area. It is very creamy and lightweight. You literally don’t even feel like you are putting anything on. You can buy at Ulta for $6.99 but I believe I got mine at Rite Aid for cheaper.

Ulta Fabulous Face Foundation Primer

This literally helps foundation stay locked in place. Although I do apply it all over my face, I make sure I deeply pat into my undereye area since I have a noticeable fine line. Obviously this can be bought at Ulta for $12.50. If you purchase online and add 2 more items to your cart, you get one free.


Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Color: New Guinea

This is my holy grail foundation. I put on more of a medium coverage today. I would repurchase this as many times as needed regardless of the price. With a satin glowy finish, this looks exactly like my skin. It applies so smoothly and makes my skin so radiant. It is a high end product priced at $45 so I would make sure that you get your appropiate color before purchasing. The lady at my local mall was very helpful with choosing my correct color.

It Cosmetics Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush #101

This is also a high priced item for a brush. It is $24 but well worth it. It feels steady in the hand and gives the fondation a more airy realistic look.


Catrice Glamour Doll Volume Waterproof Mascara in Black 010

I always go for drugstore mascaras since they basically do the same job as a Too Faced product would. I use this one for my bottom lashes. It seperates and lengthens. Most importantly, it doesn’t smudge. I like to use a waterproof mascara for my bottom lashes because my eyes tend to water more now in the summer. It’s currently on sale at Ulta for $5.24 so I would get my hands on that as soon as possible. 

L’oreal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara

I did a review on it almost a year ago and I continue to use it so that shows how consistent this product is.


Nyx Control Freak Eye Brow Gel

I do not fill my brows but I do like to put gel on my brows to bring the color out from the foundation almost overlaying. I don’t fill my brows because I prefer just waxing at the salon and then using the gel to brighten and straighten.


Carli Bybel Palette 

Everything in the palette is so pigmented and creamy. I sometimes use the eyeshadows as highlighters. Thats how good this is. It is only $14.50 which was the same price on BH cosmetics website and now it is in Ulta stores.

Lips & Setting Spray

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp

They are only $6 and worth the buy. It does feel like it doesn’t come with much inside but the color is amazing and perfect for a Sunday summer.

Nyx Dewy Setting Spray

To end it all, set it! For less than $10, it keeps your face locked it in. I have a habit of touching my face a lot forgetting that I’m wearing makeup, so locking it in place keeps me safe.

XO Lex 🌼

Check The Date!

Although nail polishes seem like they can last until it is all used up, guess again! Like any product, it does have an expiration date! Most people fail to notice the “Period of Time After Opening”. The symbol is an opened jar that would have a number and the letter “M”. This indicates the authorized time after opening of safe usage. Typically a nail polish lasts 1-2 years (24-36 months). People may think that a company places a time limit onto the product as a trick to get the customer to buy more of the same product. That is not the case! Bacteria is everywhere. Out of the safety of their customers and length of the product – they are doing us the favor! Once polish is opened, bacteria forms and some ingredients evaporate. This causes the product to thicken and seperate. To thin out the polish, you can obviously shake well or apply a few drops of nail lacquer thinner. But I highly recommend that once you exceed the amount of months on the bottle, it’s time to throw it out!

Keeping Up With Kylie!

Kylie Jenner has definitely made her mark in the beauty world with her liquid lipsticks but now her own affordable nail polish line, Sinful Colors has been brought to my attention. No, the price is nothing compared to the products on! Sinful Colors polishes are $2.99 which is mind blowing considering how thick and creamy the polish is. I personally love the satin matte colors (hence the ones I’ll be talking about in this post).

Colors available at Walgreens, Ulta, Kmart, Face Values, Rite Aid, Target and Walmart to name a few.

6 Colors:

• Taupe Is Chic, Holly-wood, Purple Kraze

• Miss Klaws, Kosmos, Konstellation

Thoughts? Definitely a must buy!

XO Lex 🌼

Charlotte Chic

Charlotte Russe is literally my favorite clothing store of life.They have unpredictable clothes that are at affordable prices.You will definitely see more style posts from Charlotte’s!

I wanted to show you guys 3 fun flirty summer dresses all priced at $20! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Floral Bib Neck Skater Dress

Embroidered and Crochet-Trim Dress

Floral Open Back Swing Dress

Thanks for reading. 

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All ideas paired together are my own. I am not taking credit for the actual designs.

Get Glossy

I am not much of a lip gloss person but these are so pigmented in color that it doesn’t look like a gloss. If anything, to me it’s just a lipstick with shine.

Tarte Tartiest Glossy Lip Paint

Price : $20 each

I do think it is insane that they are $20 each but I do admit the formula is really good for a gloss.

Sephora Shared: (Concentrated Mineral Pigments: Deliver rich, lip-soothing pigment while nourishing and softening skin.)


Left to Right: Goals, Hella, Obvi


Left to Right: Snap, Double Tap, WCW


Left to Right: Fave, Poison, Slay

Photos taken from and edited with Photo Grid (app).

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Liquid Lippies!

Liquid lipstick have easily become my favorite invention yet. Matte or glossy, I feel like it still has that effect of awesomeness.
Everyone talks about how amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks are and I just wanted to quickly post my top 3 favorite colors.


(left to right)
Catnip – soft plum
American Doll – classic blue red
Kathryn – brown berry

Nyx products are far more affordable. If you want to see my faves for those, let me know.

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