Simple Eye Look

Hey lovies! I’m actually excited for this new post because it is an eye look that I’ve been doing all week. It’s so quick and easy to do in the morning to brighten up your face. I’ve been using the Catrice Sand Nudes Eyeshadow Palette from Ulta. I actually love explaining eye looks so if you like this post, there are definitely more to come!

Price: $6.99

• not tested on animals

• dual sided applicator included

Swatches from palette left to right:

Step 1: For starters, I use more than one brush when applying my eye makeup to create a different effect. Basically all of the applicators I use are from either Bh cosmetics or elf cosmetics. 

Using any tapered shadow brush, you are going to pick up the fifth color (slight shimmery taupe brown). Make sure to tap off the excess! You are going to slightly blend into your outer crease using a lighter hand as you gradually bring it into the center.

Step 2: Next you are going to use a smudged brush to cover the entire lid with the third color (peach). Make sure you pat onto the lid rather than rub because the color is shown more. 

Step 3: Taking your classic shadow brush, you are going to pick up the fourth color (light mauve brown) and slightly blend in the corner of your outer lid.

Step 4: Again you want to take the smudge brush with the first color (sand pearl) and pat onto the inner lid.

Step 5: Last you can take your tapered shadow brush again and go over the outer crease area bringing it into the center of the crease. This is optional if you feel like the shadow looks dead after you’ve finished your lid shadows.

OPTIONAL STEP 6: If you want to jazz it up a bit, you can bring the fourth shadow (the color put onto the outer lid) on your lower lash line with any fluffy brush of your choice.

My message to you after you’ve completed this look:

Looking for a mascara to finish this look?I used the Big Full Impact Mascara. Check out my review here.

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Another Long Effect

New York Color is a noteworthy affordable brand that is basically available in every drugstore including Walmart and Kmart. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every single product they have created but most of their products are not as bad as the price may set them to be. I obviously have tried this brand before. In fact, most of my mascaras are from here! Practically all! I wanted to spotlight a new buy that I have been loving and that’s the BIG BOLD Full Impact Mascara

It’s literally only $4.99 and works better than ever! It doesn’t make my lashes super clumpy and doesn’t smudge at all. It’s really good at grabbing and lengthening my lashes because it is infused with bamboo and keratin. I definitely recommend buying and trying this. I would not recommend using for bottom lashes since it is a bigger brushes and can probably get messy but you can obviously make it work like I do. Simply use a Q-tip to clean up the extra. 

Available at Walmart, Kmart, Target, Family Dollar, and DuaneReade.

Go show off your NYC cosmetic lashes!

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Too Many Eyes, One Face

I have fell deeply in love with what Too Faced cosmetics has to offer. If you have not tried a product from them, dedicate your next paycheck to their company. Since I am always looking at new products and arrivals, Too Faced has come out with a waterproof mascara with packaging that will blow your mind.

Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara


photo disclaimer location

Yes! I know what you’re thinking! It looks so real! It obviously is not and definitely grabs anyone’s attention. It is currently only available in Black but I don’t have an issue with that since like said before, I always choose the blackest black available. Too Faced Better Than Sex is known for giving that smokey messy lash look which is a thumbs up for me.
I’m not too fond of a waterproof mascara unless I’m going to an event with the result of tears coming out of my eyes — since that won’t be happening, I do not have the patience to have my lashes falling out when I remove my makeup.
But I mean this seems like it will have the same result but now you’ll know that your mascara is locked and loaded.

Price : $23.00
(same price and styled brush as regular one, the case is just better)

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Super Size Me!

Katy Perry’s new mascara is not talked about as much as you think it would be. Is it because it does the same thing as most mascaras? Was the talk only for the moment?


The Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara can be bought any drugstore such as Walgreens or CVS and beauty stores. It is inexpensive but only has one trick. It says that it is suppose to give you 400% more volume for fuller lashes. NOT! Because the bristles are smaller, you don’t get full volumized lashes. To me, it’s more of a lengthener. The more coats applied, the same result is recieved.
The formula is a bit more wetter than I would like. That becomes a problem if I’m in a rush and I have mascara smudges around my eye. You do have to be very precise because using the wrong side will sort of mess up your flow.
The perks of this product is that it works well for bottom lashes. It really attaches and locks down which I enjoy. Another perk is that it is suitable for people who wear contacts.

Cost : $7.49
Buy : Ulta
(probably a bit cheaper elsewhere)

I recommend this mascara if your eyelashes are a bit shorter or if you don’t wear mascara as much – you’ll see a difference.
I do not recommend if you have longer eyelashes or like thicker lashes because you will not be impressed. It is going to feel like not much has changed.

That’s all for this review. Let me know what you think below! ♡