Copy Her Style: Guiliana Rancic

Hi ladies! I’m actually excited for this post because yesterday was one of my favorite people Guiliana Rancic’s birthday! If you do not know who she is, she is most known as the host on E!’s Fashion Police. If anyone knows more about fashion, its her! I probably haven’t done her outfit enough justice but below you can recreate her look at a fairly more affordable price!

If interested in her jeans: I am not sure if they are currently still the same price but it is available on!

Ankle Length Cardigan from H&M $24.99

V Neck Tee from Old Navy $7

Blake Boyfriend Jeans from Fashion Nova $29.99

Pointed Toe Pumps from Charlotte Russe $20


Get Out Of My Face!

In the summer doing your hair becomes a dreadful thing. Since it is so hot, you may be used to constantly putting it up into a tight or messy bun. But what about those days where you actually do want to do your hair nice but it’s way too hot to keep it down? The wind is always strongest during the summer near the beach and it can be super annoying when all of your hair is in your face! I wanted to share some styles I found on pinterest to give a little spice to your looks yet keep it out of the eyes!

Instead of a low slick bun, add some braids in the mix. Simply split your hair into three parts and braid the front sides going backwards. Make a bun out of the back portion and cross the braids around creating a cinnabon effect.Perfect for the heat that will guaranteed endless compliments.

This is the one for that 2 to 3 days hair that you don’t feel like washing. Messy lown buns are the cutest style and looks like you actually tried knowing it took no effort at all.

Of course, we couldn’t forget about two cornrolls going to the back of the head. I literally have been wearing my hair like this to the pool, to the beach, to the park, everywhere. It is easy to make this messy or neat depending on your mood. It keeps all of the hair out of your face so you’ll feel less hot as well.

And for those who like their high ponytails lets make it sleek and tight! Adding a fishtail braid to it, gives it that spunk and edge.

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Treat The Needy!

Lush is the place for it all. It’s definitely in my top 5 places that I feel like everyone should go. They are most known for their bubble bath bombs but they have so many other great products like hair treatments!

For me, hair treatments are very important to do since I have a lot of curly thick hair. My hair is very dry and since it is summer, I feel like it’s 10x more dryer than it usually is. When you apply a treatment, its basically bringing back the life into your hair. Its trying to bring it back to what it was before it was abused (including using flat irons, blow dryers, a lot of dandruff). Treatments work stronger than conditioning your hair so I do recommend thoroughly reading the reviews before you buy and definitely scan the directions before you apply.

I buy my treatments from Lush. I feel like since a treatment is strong on it’s on, why not make sure its actually good for the body as well. The last thing you want is a strong treatment sitting on your hair follicles stripping the damage along with healthy hairs. As well as your scalp, keeping it to natural products keeps it more safe.


H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment $21.95

Size: 7.9 oz so its definitely a lot of product that it i going to last you a long time especially since this is NOT an everyday product.

This intensely moisturizes hair which is the main thing that I look for in hair products. It’s easy to apply. You literally just massage it all into the scalp and body of the hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes before shampooing it out. I personally leave it for 30 minutes because I know how well this product is for me. If you don’t have dry hair or your hair is somewhat healthy, I do not think this is for you. This mask basically feeds your hair so you don’t want to feed something that isn’t hungry.

I have been using it for two weeks now and I definitely feel a change in the vibrancy of my hair. It doesn’t feel super dry although there are a few pieces that do feel the same but overall it is making a difference in appearance. I will probably write a part 2 to this if you are interested in my process of applying the treatment and what I do afterwards.

Just let me know below! Thanks for reading!

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