Another Long Effect

New York Color is a noteworthy affordable brand that is basically available in every drugstore including Walmart and Kmart. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed every single product they have created but most of their products are not as bad as the price may set them to be. I obviously have tried this brand before. In fact, most of my mascaras are from here! Practically all! I wanted to spotlight a new buy that I have been loving and that’s the BIG BOLD Full Impact Mascara

It’s literally only $4.99 and works better than ever! It doesn’t make my lashes super clumpy and doesn’t smudge at all. It’s really good at grabbing and lengthening my lashes because it is infused with bamboo and keratin. I definitely recommend buying and trying this. I would not recommend using for bottom lashes since it is a bigger brushes and can probably get messy but you can obviously make it work like I do. Simply use a Q-tip to clean up the extra. 

Available at Walmart, Kmart, Target, Family Dollar, and DuaneReade.

Go show off your NYC cosmetic lashes!

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You Won’t Regret It!

Finding cheap makeup that gets the job done is a difficult journey that almost every makeup lover goes through. Spending 20-40 dollars on mascaras just is not cutting it anymore! Getting that same long volumized effect can be hard to achieve but I think I found the answer.
The L’oreal Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara. It can be bought at your local CVS, Target, Ulta or Walmart. With just one swipe, you can already begin to notice the thickness brought forward giving your lashes that intense dramatic full look. It is formulated to resist clumping and builds your lashes up 5x from their natural thickness. Personally it has become clumped since it is such a big brush with thick bristles but thats nothing a mascara with a thinner brush will smooth away the clumpiness. I like the clumpy look.

Be very careful while applying to your bottom lashes. It can become a smudgy mess under the eyes. Obviously it’s nothing a little water, vaseline or Q-tip can’t remove but simply taking your time will stray away from that. 

This is definitely a cheap must-have! Big bold lashes is my facial statement, will this product become yours?