ColourPop’s Metallic Madness!

You all know I’m a ColourPop lover to the max! For the summer, I haven’t been using any bold colors mainly because I haven’t gone anywhere special enough to wear a full face, but I wanted to show you guys the metallic colors that are still in stock on the Colourpop website. Click here.

All metallic liquid lipsticks are $6 each. If you are purchasing for the first time, you can subscribe using your email account to get $5 off your entire purchase!

Still in stock?

Lights Out



Man Eater


3 Way



The three following colors were not shown in the photo above but are also available NOW as well.




Happy shopping! 


Maybelline Newbies In ULTA

I am a true lover of Maybelline products. Not only is it super inexpensive but it actually looks and feels amazing. I personally feel the price doesn’t reveal how stunning these products sit on the face. When I use their products, it’s like nothing is on my face, that’s how great it is. I’ve been browsing the Ulta website and I have noticed there are several items that have been added on behalf of the Maybelline family.

Super Stay Better Skin Powder in Coconut $10.99

Used to set and eliminate shine, and it does just that!

Lip Studio Color Joint Intense Lip Paint in Never Bare $9.99

Very intense and vibrant but I wish there was a better selection of colors rather than just pinks and purples. If you want me to show each one in another post let me know below.

Face Studio Contour & Highlight V Shape Duo Stick in Deep $9.99

It is creamy matte which are two words that I love when buying makeup. Since it comes to a point, it is easy to manuver to create straight lines. Available in light, medium and of course deep.

EyeStudio Master Precise Curvy Liquid Liner in Black $7.99

I am not a liner type of person but this has definitely pushed me into trying it. It has a comfortable grip and literally stays on all day. No smudging!

Lip Studio Shine Shot Lip Coat in Clear Vinyl $5.99

I was confused as to what this is but it just gives any lip color you have a vibrant shine to look as if it was a gloss. There is only one other option which is Prismatic (glittery white) that will give you the same effect with slight shimmer. I personally don’t think this is too much of a big deal because I’m sure if a person wanted a glossy finish, they’d just put on a gloss.

Eye Studio Brow Precise Micro Pencil in Deep Brown $7.99

Available in blonde, soft brown and auburn so there is a good variety of color options. I say this several times but I don’t fill my brows. I am thinking about using this just to give it a shot so we’ll see how that goes. I can most likely do a first impression if anyone is interested.

Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lip Color $7.49

Color: Sapphire Siren

I love a bright lip during the summer and maybelline is the reason for it. I will do a more in depth look at all the colors in the collection in a future post coming soon!

Disclaimer: All photos are from and some photos I edited using Photo Grid. My opinion was not influenced by sponsorships.

XO Lex 🌼


Liquid Lippies!

Liquid lipstick have easily become my favorite invention yet. Matte or glossy, I feel like it still has that effect of awesomeness.
Everyone talks about how amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks are and I just wanted to quickly post my top 3 favorite colors.


(left to right)
Catnip – soft plum
American Doll – classic blue red
Kathryn – brown berry

Nyx products are far more affordable. If you want to see my faves for those, let me know.

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“Thanks, It’s New” – ColourPop

Colourpop cosmetics has instantly become a favorite with their cheap prices for a great product. They recently came out with lip pencils that match the Lippie Stix they offer. I think this is absolutely great because pencils can better outline the lips to make it overall look full. It creates barrier around the lips without bleeding. They were designed to match perfectly so you wont have an issue blending. If you are like me, it doesnt matter if it matches as long as its close to color. The pencils are matte and truly glide on easily.

Since it is the beginning of September, I want to share some Fall colored lip colors to start your school year off with compliments.

Price : $5.00
Buy : ColourPop cosmetics

Leather Pencil

Nevermind Pencil

Taurus Pencil

Dalia Pencil

JujuRouge Pencil

Disclaimer: All photos are from!

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Friday Favorites!

All summer I have been using BB creams. I definitely recommend using this if you are just starting out with makeup or like light coverage over the face. I have been loving the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35. I am using the color medium/dark. It controls the oil I build over the course of the day. I will say that it stays all day giving your face a flawless touch. I was impressed with this product. Personally, I wanted to hate it because it is on the high end and I didn’t want to purchase again. I do not recommend buying a $39.00 bb cream but I did want to test it out. I do like it a lot but I feel like this same formula can be priced down.


The Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover is seriously a must have. You simply put your finger inside and do a little movement and once you take it out, the polish is gone. It is so effortless which makes this my most favorite nail product! It is sulfate and paraben free which is something most of your products should not have. It’s cheap and worth the buy!


I am ready for Fall and my lip reflects that today. I love most of Nyx cosmetics mainly because they are super affordable and have great potential. I am wearing the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm. I have done a post in the past on all the colors in the collection. Check it out if you haven’t! They are really pigmented for only $7. It definitely beats paying $20 for the same ending result.


I’ve been into using blush to brighten up my face. The Bombshell Blush – Illuminating Baked Blush in Sunkissed has been my go-to. It is only $5 on the BH cosmetics website. It has good pigmetation and is easy to apply. The only true downside to this is that it is really small. I do wish that it was much bigger so that you have more product. But considering the price, I wouldn’t expect so much.


To apply the Bombshell Blush, I use the Brush 17 – Powder Brush which is also only $5. It does shed a bit but nothing a pricey brush can’t do. It is thick so it holds a lot of product and rubs on nicely. It is so fluffy and spreads out the product evenly.


Okay that’s all for today’s favorites! There aren’t many but I wanted to share the main products that I have beem grabbing towards this week. Let me know below if you also use these products and what you think of them. ♡


Honeybee Garden Natural Lipsticks

Hi guys! I started wearing makeup my sophomore year of high school, which was around the same time I began to do my eyebrows regularly and I have loved dolling myself up since then. It took me a while to get into the flow of things and find out what products work best for me. What I found out was that you don’t have to go out and spend over $100 to make your face look nice! I hope you continue to keep up with my posts and follow this journey in my makeup world.

If you’re like me, a look is not complete without putting on lipstick. Most lipsticks leave your lips feeling dry and can crust up your lips throughout the day. I love that Honeybee Garden lippies leave your lips feeling super moist and hydrated. It contains coconut oil and sesame seed oil which penetrates, heals and softens the lip. It is a 100% natural preservative. This shows that natural products don’t have to be boring. You can find a natural product that gives you that same effect as a Rimmel or Maybelline product, just better suited for the body.

I will admit that it does not have a huge color variety but it has enough to switch up for the seasons or certain events. It definitely does not have a bad selection. They have a choice of matte, slight frost and slight shimmer. It is a bit higher than other drugstore lipsticks at $12.99 each. But to me, it is worth it. It can be found at your local Walgreens or online at I’ve judged it’s worth and it’s glamorous.