Summer Nails

Summer is quickly approaching! It is time to bring out the bright floral colors. After all, that is what summer represents! It does have an infinite shine, which is a glossy texture. The formulas for all O.P.I polishes are extremely thick and creamy. If you have never purchased from this brand, it is most likely the same if not similar to the polishes used in a nail salon when using gel color. Below are polishes from the O.P.I Fiji collection.

Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon

Do You Sea What I Sea?

Living on the Bula-vard!

No Tan Lines

Exotic Birds do not Tweet

These are not all of the colors from the collection but are the ones that stood out to me most. You can check out the entire collection here. Let me know what you think of the colors below in the comments! 

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Xo Lex ♡


Fabulous Weak Nails

​I recently took off my acrylic nails because I kind of just got over the look and definitely needed to let my real nails breathe. My nails have become so weak that I can literally bend every fingernail. I personally don’t like how my nails look unpainted so I was in need of a polish that was an amazing color but be a hardener for my nails. OPI and Essie are my favorite polishes of life but I don’t need a pretty color sitting on top of a weak nail. I decided to go to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store and I found happiness.

China Glaze Nail Lacquers with Hardeners $7.50 each

I currently have Diva Bride (below) on my nails. I don’t know why I’m into the light pinks now but this color is gorgeous.

I purchased 2 other colors:


Sweet Periwinkle

I didn’t choose the darker harsh colors because I don’t want anything to thick and harsh on my nails. Now that my nails are weak, they are easy to stain.So I just stuck to the pinks and lavendar/blue.

I applied the nail lacquer after I treated and appropiately buffed/cut my nails. If you want to see the products I used to treat them after acrylics, comment below.

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Check The Date!

Although nail polishes seem like they can last until it is all used up, guess again! Like any product, it does have an expiration date! Most people fail to notice the “Period of Time After Opening”. The symbol is an opened jar that would have a number and the letter “M”. This indicates the authorized time after opening of safe usage. Typically a nail polish lasts 1-2 years (24-36 months). People may think that a company places a time limit onto the product as a trick to get the customer to buy more of the same product. That is not the case! Bacteria is everywhere. Out of the safety of their customers and length of the product – they are doing us the favor! Once polish is opened, bacteria forms and some ingredients evaporate. This causes the product to thicken and seperate. To thin out the polish, you can obviously shake well or apply a few drops of nail lacquer thinner. But I highly recommend that once you exceed the amount of months on the bottle, it’s time to throw it out!


Keeping Up With Kylie!

Kylie Jenner has definitely made her mark in the beauty world with her liquid lipsticks but now her own affordable nail polish line, Sinful Colors has been brought to my attention. No, the price is nothing compared to the products on! Sinful Colors polishes are $2.99 which is mind blowing considering how thick and creamy the polish is. I personally love the satin matte colors (hence the ones I’ll be talking about in this post).

Colors available at Walgreens, Ulta, Kmart, Face Values, Rite Aid, Target and Walmart to name a few.

6 Colors:

• Taupe Is Chic, Holly-wood, Purple Kraze

• Miss Klaws, Kosmos, Konstellation

Thoughts? Definitely a must buy!

XO Lex 🌼



When people go to Ulta, they go looking for other brands but fail to realize that Ulta has a bunch of cosmetics that are worth the price. A cheap price. Only for $6 definitely beats on $12.50 each for OPI polishes. I am building a nail polish collection so decided to check out some new colors. Here’s some of Ulta’s polishes that will be my next purchase. Yes, they are more of a spring collection but you can check the Ults website for more darker colors if thats what you prefer.

Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer

□ Baby Doll


□ Bam-Blue-Zled


□ Encore Pink


□ Plum Perfect


□ Blue Right Past You


□ Lilac-Ing You


Some are pretty similar but if you know your colors, you can see the difference. Thanks for reading. Please like or comment. ♡


January Nail Faves

I’ve been into getting my nails done at the nail salon but that doesn’t mean my nail care routine is out the window. I still have products to keep my nails pretty and my cuticles tamed.

OPI Nordic Nail Collection

1. Skating On Thin Ice-Land

2. My Voice Is A Little Norse

3. My Dogsled Is A Hybrid

4. Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

5. Ms Manicure Smoothing Block Party 

Disclaimer: All photos are from All items chosen were not influenced by sponsorships.


Friday Favorites!

All summer I have been using BB creams. I definitely recommend using this if you are just starting out with makeup or like light coverage over the face. I have been loving the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35. I am using the color medium/dark. It controls the oil I build over the course of the day. I will say that it stays all day giving your face a flawless touch. I was impressed with this product. Personally, I wanted to hate it because it is on the high end and I didn’t want to purchase again. I do not recommend buying a $39.00 bb cream but I did want to test it out. I do like it a lot but I feel like this same formula can be priced down.


The Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover is seriously a must have. You simply put your finger inside and do a little movement and once you take it out, the polish is gone. It is so effortless which makes this my most favorite nail product! It is sulfate and paraben free which is something most of your products should not have. It’s cheap and worth the buy!


I am ready for Fall and my lip reflects that today. I love most of Nyx cosmetics mainly because they are super affordable and have great potential. I am wearing the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm. I have done a post in the past on all the colors in the collection. Check it out if you haven’t! They are really pigmented for only $7. It definitely beats paying $20 for the same ending result.


I’ve been into using blush to brighten up my face. The Bombshell Blush – Illuminating Baked Blush in Sunkissed has been my go-to. It is only $5 on the BH cosmetics website. It has good pigmetation and is easy to apply. The only true downside to this is that it is really small. I do wish that it was much bigger so that you have more product. But considering the price, I wouldn’t expect so much.


To apply the Bombshell Blush, I use the Brush 17 – Powder Brush which is also only $5. It does shed a bit but nothing a pricey brush can’t do. It is thick so it holds a lot of product and rubs on nicely. It is so fluffy and spreads out the product evenly.


Okay that’s all for today’s favorites! There aren’t many but I wanted to share the main products that I have beem grabbing towards this week. Let me know below if you also use these products and what you think of them. ♡